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:: 6.01.2004 ::

(listening to: Pinback: "Some Voices")

My stomach is very mad at me this morning for eating little this weekend besides meat and drinking large amounts of cheap beer. Those three days *flew* by, and we crammed so much activity into that timeframe that it makes my head spin. It's really nice to have a quiet morning with time to do little chores, drink some coffee, pet the cats, and wonder how I'm going to get the loads of beer bottles out into the recycling.

I guess the highlights included Sunday afternoon softball, in which my team the U.S. of Freedom lost to those pesky Scabies in the 9th inning. Things actually got slightly competitive there near the end of the game, but everyone made up with a 2-4-6-8! cheer following our loss. No bad blood here.

Yesterday in true Memorial Day fashion we headed to a gorgeous house overlooking (or uplooking I guess I should say?) the Oakland/Piedmont hills where we crowded onto a balcony, drank PBR and ate burgers and sausages, and played a game where we threw darts at balloons to win valuable prizes! I had bad aim and all I won was a Twister fruit snack, but hopefully next time I'll win that bottle of Bacardi. Good times all around, but I am thankful that I can have some time to clean the house, relax, and think about all the good times we had the past three days.

New MP3 of the week, and I updated the iTunes Top 25. Our CD release show is Thursday, and I'm already having nervous dreams in which nobody shows up and/or we play horribly. I haven't had dreams like this since college finals!

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