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:: 6.09.2004 ::

(listening to: Ambulance LTD: Ambulance LTD)

I'm back from Southern California, and sort of caught up on things.

New MP3 of the week. I know it's kinda silly posting a song from an album that just about everyone owns and cherishes, mostly anyone who had their musically formative years in the 1990's. However "Good Feeling" is one of those all-time excellent songs. The past couple times we've been to Los Angeles the evening ends with someone putting this song on, and then all of sitting around and reflecting on our youth (but through 10 cans of beer glasses). Good times, good times. The best part about this song is that when I was younger, I attracted to the record by you know, "Blister In The Sun" and "Kiss Off," the unruly songs and the songs that said "fuck." Now that I'm a tad older, I can appreciate the subtle beauty of songs like "Good Feeling" and the really rad vibes on "Gone Daddy Gone" a bit more.

Our record comes out next week and we're starting to get some press. Here's some of it:

Tonight we're continuing the "Oh My God I Can't Believe You Haven't Seen That Movie" film festival with Wild Things. It's a long story, but last week we watched Tremors, which stars Kevin Bacon and a bunch of big worms, and apparently in Wild Things you get to *see* Kevin Bacon's giant worm! Ba-da-bing! Miss Rodeo America made that one up, so don't blame me. Besides, we all needed some more boobies in our lives after getting gipped in Gothika.

I'm going to stop talking now.

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