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:: 8.06.2004 ::

(listening to: Ted Leo / Pharmacists: Shake The Sheets)

paris, texas in st. louis, missouri

Damn, I love having my website back. So, I'm off to play another club show. This one in San Francisco at Loaded (located at The Rickshaw Stop). Dancing, drinks, live music, and all my peeps back at home.

I organized all my photos in the back seat of the van while listening to the new Old 97's record somewhere in Illinois (remind me to tell all about meeting Rhett Miller in Dallas), so I get to post those soon. Until then, I'm excited to go out tonight.

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:: 8.05.2004 ::

(listening to: Yo La Tengo: "Tears Are In Your Eyes")

So, shitdamn. Here's the scoop: the day or so after I left on tour, I was unable to publish this page due to weird errors with my webhost. Now I'm home from a month of tour and chock full of stories and photos, and I've got all the kinks worked out again. I can publish again!

Tour, was, fucking, great. Thanks so much to These Arms Are Snakes, Paris Texas, Murder By Death, Since By Man, and all the other great people we met and drank beers with along the way. In between looking for a job I'll put some stories and photos up, but right now I've gotta give my kitties some love.

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