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:: 8.10.2004 ::

(listening to: Steve Earle: The Revolution Starts Now)

You know you're getting old and/or losing your mind when you start actually looking to CMT for music news and quality programming. Their (BBC produced) Lost Highway: The History Of Country Music show is excellent, and they're now streaming the new Steve Earle album that comes out on the 24th of this month. Pretty rad considering "F the CC" has a chorus that goes "Fuck the FCC, fuck the FBI, fuck the CIA, I'm livin' in the motherfuckin' USA." Word.

I made the best lunch today, mini-pitas filled with falafel, hummus, Tapatio hot sauce, and fresh organic cucumber. So tasty, I'm just trying to figure out the best beverage to wash it down with. Anyone have a good tabouli recipe? The store bought stuff is the pits.

I have band practice again tonight, and I don't feel like I've gotten enough of a break from the band. Kinda sucks, but we'll see how I feel once I get there. Then again, we do have 2 sold-out shows with The Donnas next week, so I guess practice is good.

I heart hummus.

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:: 8.09.2004 ::

(listening to: Elliott Smith: Songs From A Basement On A Hill)

This weekend, especially yesterday, was good times. My favorite part about Saturday night was drinking beers while sitting on my friend's Dodge Dart in San Francisco while everyone else went and got burritos at two in the morning. Yesterday we played softball at a *new* place that I actually liked better. Less cars, more tree cover, and a lot more dirt on the field. We lost (again) BUT it was only by 1 run, and it was close the entire way. I have to think of a new at-bat song, 'cause the theme from The OC really starts to bug if you listen to it for more than 30 seconds.

Enjoy some tour photos. I finally decided to stop limiting myself to only shooting black and white photos and have a bunch of color shots as well. Time to eat lunch.

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