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:: 8.17.2004 ::

(listening to: Miles Davis: (The Complete 'In A Silent Way' Sessions)

Ugh. So I'm having my worst freak-out over something in recent memory. Today at practice I busted the knob off a piece of my sound gear, and now with a sold-out show tomorrow I've got zippo of my keyboard sounds and not much I can do about it. No backup, no way to get it fixed in time, no nothin'.

So I came home very stressed out and MRA made me a great dinner (and actually got me to calm down for awhile) and I was able to get to sleep for a couple hours, but now I've been up since 2:00 and I'm supposed to get up for work at 6:30. Yucko.

Oh, and I started working again. I've been doing deliveries again and have been working 10 hour days hauling junk all over the Bay Area, which is not really helping matters here.

Time to try and fall asleep again, yay!

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