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:: 9.14.2004 ::

(listening to: Various: Out Of The Mountains: The Essential Bluegrass Collection)

oakland public enemy number one

Damn. Was the haterade flowin' in the Texas Rangers' bullpen last night or what? I'm sure half of you saw this highlight played twenty-dozen times at bars around the nation last night, but weenie man Frank Francisco tossed a chair into the stands in Oakland last night, breaking an innocent woman's nose and almost causing a near fan/team brawl on the field. I'm sure someone was heckling him though, but he's a big league baseball player who probably makes ten times what the average Oakland fan makes. Suck it up, big guy. I do love the woman's face (see the blue arrow above) though...she looks so amazingly appalled.

I can't WAIT for the game I'm going to on Wednesday, there's going to be some quality heckling 'fer sure.

I wish there were more work for me, 'cause I don't make any money sitting around at home on the internet. Maybe I should.

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:: 9.13.2004 ::

(listening to: Ted Leo / Pharmacists: "The High Party")

Told you so. Check out the new MP3 of the week. I must have heard this song ten times in the past 3 days (and I'm done yet). ELO are my new '70s obession, following on the heels of Hall & Oates, Fleetwood Mac, and many others. Such over the top good stuff. As a bonus track, listen to Evil Woman. Love it!

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(listening to: Built To Spill: "Car")

Hi there, internet. Now that I've got a job, I have very little time to keep up with emails and whatnot, much less posting here. Never fear though, I'm not going anywhere, just, uh, apologizing a little bit for keeping the same MP3 of the week up for the past month. Oops!

Don't worry, I'll put up a couple ELO tracks for ya'll soon.

Most of the spare time I do have in front of ye olde computer is now being spent on oaklog.com, my new network of friends, softballers, A's fans, and rock blockers. It's more addicting than friendster was last year, and with the addition of our own personal jukebox at tune.oaklog.com, we can stream each others music and donate MP3s to the cause. Good thing too, 'cause even though I've got 9,000 crammed in there, I was getting a little tired of the iPod. Well, not really. Still, anytime someone puts on the Trash Can Sinatras' "Obscurity Knocks" who isn't me means it's a good day.

Oh, PS, the band and I are going to the UK in October. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes.

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