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:: 10.13.2004 ::

(listening to: The Primitives: "You Said")

Greetings from Philadelphia. We're back in the USA, I'm clean, well-rested, well fed, free of cheap English beer, and just about ready to head to NYC for our CMJ show tomorrow. The UK was amazing, playing for 400 - 1000 kid a night was really fun and I loved seeing the sights and meeting a ton of new people. More info when I return to California and can post some photos.

Read today that the NHL season was supposed to start tonight. What a depressing lockout for millions of people associated with professional hockey all across the world. Sad too, since both baseball teams I follow missed the playoffs, and I can't stand football or basketball. Late October is usually the time of year sports fans are in heaven, you have the beginnings of the NHL and NBA seasons, football is in full swing, and you've got the baseball playoffs. For me right now, I've got nothin'. For what it's worth though, go Cardinals!

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