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:: 12.14.2004 ::

(listening to: Amy Grant: "Baby Baby")

Ok, so before you hack on me for listening to Amy Grant, let me tell you how much fun Miss Rodeo America and I had the other night downloading top-40 songs from the 80's and 90's. Damn, that shit was hellsafun, and we even made a mix out of it called "The Tape Deck Is Broken." I remember listening to half of these songs while driving around Idaho with my parents and little brother, rocking out in the back seat while we kept tabs on which songs were played the most (I remember one of those yellow pads of office paper where we tallyed how many times we heard each song). I'm glad I have an iPod that does the tallying for me now. Also, I'm tempted so that that Peter Cetera won the prize for being played the most in 1988 or so. So rad.

Got home a little while ago from demo-ing some songs from our next record, and you know things are going well when you're in as good a mood as I am. Damn. Expect our next record to definitely be a little more on the rock side of things, and I can't *wait* to play our song "Razorblades" to people. Hot damn, that thing is fun.

So, uhm, yeah. New MP3 of the week coming soon, as well as photos from our last trip to the UK (before we leave for the next UK trip in January). Although my real digital camera kills batteries after about 5 shots or so, I still have the camera-phone. See above for photos from Thanksgiving, including my favorites: going to the beach in Santa Cruz in late November. Eat *that* snowy Midwest!

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