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:: 2.01.2005 ::

(listening to: The French Kicks: "One More Time")

Long time no-see. I'm still a little jet lagged from my recent tour (again) of the UK. Two weeks with Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance sold-out shows, two weeks of kids screaming, cheap cans of Carling and Stella Artois, short walks in the cold of half the cities in Britain, and two weeks of not seeing the sun. But now I'm back in sunny California and am heading to Los Angeles today where the temperature will hit a comfortably Californian 75 degrees. Hopefully Paris Hilton won't sit down next to me at breakfast this time.

Things have been hectic here in Oakland: I've been working as many hours as I can get a t a nifty hair salon in Berkeley, I got rid of my beloved 1986 Honda for $50 and a handshake, and my "new" Jetta has been in the shop for over a month now. It's been all about riding bus and bike around, and I really can't wait to get my car back. I miss driving and I miss rocking out in the car and I am oh so tired of the feral kids who play craps on the bus and throw things at old Chinese men reading the newspaper. I can't deal with that shit.

But yeah, BYB is still here and will, hopefully, soon be back in full force. Miss you.

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