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:: 2.18.2005 ::

(listening to: Josh Rouse: Home)

good news for people who love good news about ligers

Oh. My. God. Our Oaklog.com thread about ligers is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. I was laughing so hard by myself in the office in our house that I had tears streaming down my face and I could hear my roomates say "What the fuck is so funny in there?" while they eat and watch Jeopardy. I really, really want a van with a huge liger mural painted on it now.

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:: 2.16.2005 ::

(listening to: Josh Rouse: Nashville)

What the fuck is up people? 2005 has already been crazy for me, but it only gets better from here on out. Pretty soon softball and barbecue season will start back up, we'll hit up Lake Anza for some swimming / freak watching, and baseball will start back up. Without the NHL this year, it's all about waiting around for an A's v. Toronto or a Giants v. Nationals (crazy, huh?) game. So far this year in photo form we've got from left-right / top-bottom a big pile of English cash from our January trip to the UK, me shortly before I went to a very long coctail party, the El Gato Negro bar in Oakland with a "Mesa De Pool" (I love that!) and the fluffiest kitty in Southern California, my good love-bug Alfie who lives in the white house on the hill. I've seen all of this stuff in the past 45 days or so, and who knows what the rest of the year will bring

I do know that it will bring good music, and already my iTunes tells me that in 2005 I've already got new records by Josh Rouse (excellent!), ...Trail Of Dead, Bright Eyes, Low, Mercury Rev, Superwolf (go Oldham, go!), Bloc Party, Doves, and Fischerspooner. Their new disc Odyssey is pretty damned cool. You can check out their Tron-ed out video for 'Just Let Go' over here, a pretty good song with a, well, kinda boring video. Still, I really like what I've heard of the record, and it's a whole lot more guitar/rock heavy than #1, which I didn't expect at all. Seems that guitars are the new synths these days.

Speaking of, I'm also warming up to this Bloc Party LP that is out next month, and this week's MP3 is one of my favorite tracks. I really dig the vocal meter and the trade off left/right panning of "This Modern Love," and I hope to really get into the rest of the record the way this song grabbed me. Good stuff, although like the Fischerspooner jams, it's a lot more rocking than I ever thought it would be.

See all you foolios in Austin next month?

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