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:: 5.04.2005 ::

boozoo chavis!

Trying to fight off my headache with a Cajun party! Sadly, it's not working.

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:: 5.02.2005 ::

Hey there. We went and saw British Sea Power the other night. I really liked their iconography with a banner of their most recent album cover over the stage, reindeer banners flanking the sides, and foliage on the amps and monitors. Their drummer kept freaking me out by the way he plays, not crossing his arms at all and playing everything backwards (ie: high hat with his left hand, snare with his right). Very strange, but they sounded good. I came away from the show with the same opinion of them I had going in: a few terrific songs (including my favorite"Please Stand Up"), and a lot of really pleasant yet non-compelling tunes. Nothing bad, but nothing that made me drool either.

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