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:: 6.29.2005 ::

Everything Is Green: June Mini-Mix

Is this becoming one of those "MP3 Blogs" I hear so much about these days? Maybe.

(click here to stream the mix)

I grew up on a street called Monteverde Drive, and although I wouldn't call them mountains, I definitely had a view of green hills when I'd head out the front door on my way to school every morning. It's funny to think about sometimes how much colors affect how we perceive the things we look at.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in song titles. Green shirts, green eyes, the village green, Greenville...even the names of people evoke a sense of springtime and of things growing. Give it a listen.

01. The Kinks: "The Village Green Preservation Society"
02. The Magnetic Fields: "Torn Green Velvet Eyes"
03. Elvis Costello: "Green Shirt"
04. Robbers On High Street: "Amanda Green"
05. Hum: "Green To Me"
06. Pete Krebs & Gossamer Wings: "Her Dress So Green In The Moonlight"
07. J Church: "Yellow, Blue & Green"
08. R.E.M.: "Green Grow The Rushes"
09. Roy Newman & His Boys: "Sadie Green (The Vamp Of New Orleans)"
10. Drive-By Truckers: "Greenville to Baton Rouge"
11. The Carter Family: "See That My Grave Is Kept Green"

(click here to stream the mix)

(9:55 PM) :: (link)