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:: 8.02.2006 ::

Stupid Morning

Woke up at 6:00, Alice let our mischievious cat Bunny inside after a couple hours out and he reeked of puke. Person puke. Matted on his fur.

So we got up and started the bath. In the meantine he had wandered into our roomate's room and woken her up. "He's got something on him. It stinks." Yeah, we knew. So we give our cat a bath at 6:15 in the morning. Alice goes back to bed, I hop in the shower, dress, and head to BART because I had left my car at work.

I'm standing on the MacArthur BART platform and had given myself plenty of time to get to work, was even thinking of catching some breakfast in downtown Berkeley. I put my iPod on and all the lights go out. I can see trains waiting on either side of the station heading to San Francisco and Fremont and hear the delays announced over the loudspeakers. Damn. Then! Miraculously a Pittsburgh/Bay Point train pulls up! I'm saved! I hop in and sit down and watch North Oakland pass by, noting how far way downtown looks while passing over Telegraph avenue. Wait. Telegraph. Shit. I wanted the RICHMOND train.

So I get off at Rockridge. There's a SF train there packed to the gills waiting with the doors open, and I'm able to squeeze in. The A/C isn't on. There are kids climbing on luggage and getting cranky, heading to the airport. I wait for about 15 minutes before the train slowly crawls back into MacArthur station and then run across to catch a Richmond train. It's 30 minutes later and I'm back where I started! Thankfully the train came and I walked the twenty minutes to work and kissed my car. I can't wait to drive home.

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