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:: 12.06.2006 ::

(listening to: Phoenix: "Sometimes In A Fall")

I woke up on December 1st and while I was in the shower I decided to start updating blackyellowblack again. Of course, I told myself I'd post at least once a day in December even if it was to grumble about not thinking of anything to post about, but alas, it's December 6th and I'm just getting things started.

The Minolta Dimage EX - Like a tank!

Ah, the Minolta Dimage EX. This was my first digital camera, the one that took all the pictures featured in The Daily Photo a few years back and the one that has been collecting dust on my bookshelf ever since it started eating batteries at an alarming rate (and my "alarming rate" I mean will kill the batteries the first time the flash goes off). Yesterday I finally got the gumption to upgrade to a new camera and I picked up the Canon A540 last night after work. I like it so far but really didn't have much to take pictures of besides the cat, or my feet, or my records, or our tiny Christmas tree*, but it was fun nonetheless.

Look for more photos on the Flickr, and now that I've got this first post out of the way check back tomorrow...maybe I'll post some music or something. What a novel idea!

* = photo by MRA

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