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:: 5.31.2008 ::

(listening to: M.I.A.: "Paper Planes (DFA Remix)")

Some songs for the weekend. Duh.
01. Swervedriver - Rave On
02. Film School - He's A Deep Deep Lake
03. Ride - Seagull
04. The Stills - Rooios / Palm Wine Drinkard
05. My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow
06. The Hold Steady - Slapped Actress

One of these things don't belong...but oh well.

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:: 5.29.2008 ::

(listening to: Van She: "Strangers")

Actually, I'm listening to sassylime's muxtape, that's more appropriate.

As promised, there is a new MP3 of the week. I'm going to see Swervedriver tonight in San Francisco and am pretty pumped for the show. I did a more thorough post over at pizza.saur.us but thought ya'll might enjoy the opening track from Mezcal Head. I peeked at the setlist from Monday's show in Seattle(?) and it looks good.

Click on the cover of Mezcal Head on the left to enjoy.

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:: 5.28.2008 ::

(listening to: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: "Shake The Sheets")

Last chance to get the MP3s from Friday. I also flaked on posting an MP3 of the week on Sunday, but that will all change this evening sometime. I had also forgotten that I used to use an image of the album cover for the MP3 of the week, so I'll bring that back too.

Went to an unexpected A's game last night and had a blast in the cold night as the A's beat the Blue Jays to extend their winning streak to 5 games. At one point some sullen teens snuck down to our section, but I couldn't figure out why since all they did was text message each other and pay absolutely no attention to the game. Go figure.

Down there on the left column I've added a feed from Twitter. I'm going to use it as a mobile blogging, but will do my very best to not use it as a way to drunk text everyone I know. Have to be careful!

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:: 5.26.2008 ::

(listening to: Envelopes: Here Comes The Wind)

Just got this piece of spam:

Thanks a lot!

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