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:: 6.16.2008 ::

(listening to: The Rapture: "Dumb Waiters")

Looking through all the crap I keep in the drawer that sits underneath by super old, old school monitor I found an old notebook with streetsandavenues songs and keyboard settings listed in it. Some songs I wish I could hear again and never made it to a proper recording (well, any recording really).

1. a fateful heaven
2. rohyphnol
3. the period in tamarack between
4. ellipsis (i love that this is the only word written on the page)
5. a modern version of rita hayworth
6. finalcy
7. you're twenty minutes late i don't love you anymore (I must have been bored writing this, I decorated all around the title with tiny astericks)
8. the people under the stars
9. song without a name (I honestly have no idea if this was a song without a name, or "song without a name.")
10. guided by voices song (I'm pretty sure this was a song that, you know, sounded like GBV. a working title for sure.)
11. ...when you're going to die.
12. (can machines be heroic?)
13. four hands to hold you under the water.

My favorite page is titled "Songs We Will Play In Vacaville On June 25, 1999." This includes, among other songs we recorded and other songs listed above, "brian lilly in the US air force." Yes, it is struck through.

Anyways, good times down memory lane. MP3 of the week is new, sorry it took three weeks. I'm old(er).

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