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:: 9.23.2008 ::

(listening to: The Pretenders: "Show Me")

Oh, lordy.

I'm just sitting here, browsing Flickr for photos of Hanoi to remind me how much I miss it. Clockwatching. Listening to 80's music. Plotting the lineup for the Mosswood Greens game tomorrow. Waiting for the A's game at 5:05 to come on the radio.

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:: 9.22.2008 ::

(listening to: Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen)

Russian River Valley Vineyards

I always say summer isn't over until I have a birthday, and this year the weather turned to fall frosty mornings right after my special day. Good timing, weather. The days have been super nice though, and we spent Saturday with Mitch & Lara up in Sonoma County hanging out at Roshambo winery's open house at Frank Johnson Vineyards. It was an amazing house, complete with a horseshoe pit, hammocks, and chickens. The folks at Roshambo really treated us right with food and wine and decent music. We even got to bottle our own magnum of the 2006 Frank Johnson Syrah. Also, today, MRA and I got our marriage license. It was kind of cool. Less than a month away now...

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:: 9.21.2008 ::

(listening to: Spiritualized: Let It Come Down) "Where I stand is only three miles from space."

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