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:: 9.30.2008 ::

(listening to: The Breeders: "Joy")

I just did a little inventory check in our warehouse and listened to my High School Years playlist on my iPod. It was a pretty solid selection of tunes that, for me, defined the last couple years of high school. Check it out:

1. Cocteau Twins: "Cherry-Coloured Funk"
2. Sugar: "Granny Cool"
3. Tiger Trap: "My Broken Heart" (Tiger Trap was pretty much the soundtrack to my senior year drives to Sacramento to, well, hang out with Tiger Trap. That, and drink beers.)
4. They Might Be Giants: "Letterbox"
5. Operation Ivy: "Officer"
6. The Charlatans: "Ignition"
7. Jawbreaker: "Caroline" (fucking awesome!)
8. Faith No More: "Be Aggressive"
9. Green Day: "Words I Might Have Ate"
10. Nirvana: "Heart-Shaped Box"
11. The Breeders: "Mad Lucas"


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:: 9.29.2008 ::

(listening to: Detroit Tigers @ Chicago White Sox)

MLB.tv is a magically thing. However, whoever the announcer is for the White Sox who says "He Gone!" whenever someone strikes out is highly annoying. I kind of hate him for it. Also, I'm rooting for the Twins in the AL. But really, I'm rooting for the Phillies. (Update: I guess it's this guy.

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