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:: 11.27.2008 ::

(listening to: Mojave 3: Puzzles Like You)

This was a pretty good Thanksgiving. It was mellow, and we stayed close to home, but MRA and I got to sleep in, and I ate some pizza for breakfast, fixed a couple lattes, cleaned the house, hung out with her Dad, went to a friend's house for food and conversation and a few rounds of Whoonu, and finally home to watch a Stephen Fry documentary about America and some amazing BBC documentary about The Galapagos.

Ok, so now that I read that, it doesn't sound as mellow as it was.

Anyways. I'm up in the way up, listening to Mojave 3 on headphones (right as I typed that Bunny jumped up on my desk to surprise me), and checking back with what I was doing on the past few Thanksgivings.

2001: MRA and I drive up to Eugene, then Portland and around to Boise. In Boise, we had an amazing time, ate some great food, took a few walks, did up the thrift stores, and then got stuck on a mountain in the snow, twice, before making it back home with a trunk full of Olympia beer stubbies. Wow.

2002: MRA must have been out of town, becaus this was the Thanksgiving I spent at a coworkers house in El Sobrante. Sometimes I read posts like this and think it's odd that I've been a fan of country music since around this time. Also, it's cool to see that six years ago I was taking pictures of the cats fighting, and then tonight when I came home from watching BBC documentaries at MCT's they were both sleeping on the couch. This is not meant to imply that they now magically like each other, but that they are still well and with us, granted, in their 3rd house together.

2003: Santa Cruz Thanksgiving. I think this was the first one, and I think we went to three, but now the couple whose house we used to go to has split up, but at least the weather is still good.

2004: Santa Cruz again. I don't think this was the year I was super sick, but it may have been. Anyways, notable because I had just started working at the high-end hair salon that I later became manager of, only to quit this January to follow a career in the wine business. MRA went do a Thanksgiving dinner a the owners of the salon's house this year mere weeks after I started working there. I still think of them often, thankful for the opportunities they gave me even though it didn't work out in the end. Also, I think this was the first amazing Friendsgiving at the 41st street house.

2005: A dark year for (!)BYB, hence no link to an archive. We probably went to Santa Cruz. I would have just left Communique, and MRA would have recently returned for a trip to Europe with the rest of JACT.

2006: Another dark year for (!)BYB. I didn't update at all for three months between September and December. Again, we probably went to Santa Cruz. I think, maybe.

2007: The entire wheel fell off my car on the way to take MRA to the airport at like, 5:30 in the morning. Shit was crazy, but at least we didn't get hurt. I ended up driving down to LA with my friend Emily, had Thanksgiving at Julia's place in the big white house on the hill, and saw my brother's new house for the first time. It was actually a great Thanksgiving, even though I missed MRA who was in Portland with her brother and her dad.

So that brings me back to 2008. It was good, nice, but I couldn't help but feel in the evening that it seemed sort of like Any Other Day. But a good day, yes.

It's funny. I came upstairs to post something meaningful to Blackyellowboack, only to get sidetracked by last.fm (of which I've seen a little obsessed with being exact about recently), only to find last.fm down for mainetenance...so I actually got something done.

Really, what I should do, is just shun regular social networking and go back to old school, just blogging here, keep all my thoughts in one place.

"Cause most kids give me credit for being down with it, when it was back in the day, back when things were real different."

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