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:: 1.11.2009 ::

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Weekend Update!

Spent Friday night going to dinner at one of my favorite Vietnamese spots, Binh Minh Quan. I had frogs with lemongrass, it was tasty although labor insensive as each part of the frog you had to pick up and eat with your fingers to get the meat off. I love this restaurant for their full menu, Vietnamese beers, and great service. YUM.

After dinner we headed over to Merchant's, which is in the fruit packing district of Oakland. If memory serves, it's the oldest bar in Oakland, just a bit older than The First and Last Chance Saloon down at Jack London square. They've really added some nice, new touches to Merchant's including a big projection TV above a set of tables and chairs in what used to be a weird, dark corner with a pinball machine. Talked to some random guy (of course, this bar seems to attract these characters), drank a PBR, and watched a sports highlight countdown. Came back home and played some Baggo in the parking lot before watching some episodes of Three Sheets and some music videos. Finally went to bed around 2 AM? Maybe? I don't really remember, we were drinking many bottles of Czechvar.

Saturday I got woken up by my Dad who wanted to bring my my new mini wine fridge that he gave as a Christmas present. Went over to a friend's house and lifted weights for a bit (my arms and legs are sore sore sore sore sore still), came home, met my Dad, got in the car and drove out to Treasure Island to see some Rugby for awhile. Drank some Chablis and enjoyed the sunshine, headed all the way into SF, went to a couple bars, made homemade dominoes out of coasters, went to a gay bar for the rugby social, drove home, and then went and saw American Steel at the Uptown in Oakland.

Today we relaxed in the morning before heading to Mosswood for some Baggo, horseshoes, beer in the sun, and softball batting practice.

Yeah, I guess it was a long weekend...and it's not even over yet!

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