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:: 2.19.2009 ::

(listening to: Spoon: Girls Can Tell)

(This is the first in a series of posts where I digitize my 7" collection and talk about those records. Some of them rule, some suck. We'll deal with it together. Okay?)

One Man Running
Stress 7"
Kirbdog Records #006
01. Here By The Shore
02. Albegra
03. Windfall
04. Johnny Come Lately
05. Trustfund Junkie
06. Termaline

I really don't remember where I got this record, but I know I paid $3.50 for it. One Man Running were a pretty rad Lookout! records era pop-punk band from Arcata, and they may or may not have members of Fifteen in them. I may have picked up this record in Orange County, either in Laguna or Huntington Beach the year afer I graduated from High School when I went down there for a couple weeks to hang out with my ex-girlfriend, watch people play volleyball, be punk, and sell chocolate dipped strawberries on the side from the store she worked at to fund trips up to Los Angeles.

Purchased: 1994? Maybe in Orange County, but not at Amoeba in Berkeley
Cost: $3.50
Notable because: These songs are so short, they were great to put in the last couple minutes on mixtapes.
Like it now?: You know, it's OK. This is a great snapshot of early 1990's California pop-punk, that tie that runs from Berkeley to Santa Rosa and then up to Arcata and Eureka. There were zillion bands who sounded just like this, and a zillion Very Small Records compilations you could har them on. You know, even Billie Joe met his wife in Arcata...

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:: 2.17.2009 ::

(listening to: Franz Nicolay: Major General)

I bought this portable USB turntable on Woot, and it arrived today! Now all I want to do is go home in the rain and digitize my 7" collection. This is exciting.

I'm going to start posting MP3s of my collection here. Stay tuned!

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