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:: 7.16.2009 ::

(listening to:Communiqué: A Crescent Honeymoon)

lake berryessa.

I am listening to my old band's first EP for the first time since, probably 2004. When I got my new iPod and dumped my entire MP3 collection there, it showed up.

Hey, this is still pretty good.

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:: 7.15.2009 ::

(listening to: The Mavericks: "Dance The Night Away"


the columbia hotel, london

Slowish day at work today, so I've been poking around on Google Maps UK looking at places I went 5 years ago, thinking about how fast the time has flown, and sort of missing out on the excitement of 2004 and 2005. I traveled a lot in those years, and honestly, I really miss it. I love my house, the kitties, MRA, being married, my wine job, softball, and all my friends, but there comes a time every day where I find I'm either looking at my computer screen at work again and feeling like I was just here, or when I'm waking up in the morning feeling as if I just woke up yesterday morning. Glory days syndrome I guess? Anyways. Softball game tonight, but I'm sitting out and will focus my efforts on coaching third base. Saturday we're going to Santa Cruz for the day and I'm really looking forward to taking some backroads to avoid the traffic that will probably descend on the beaches from San Jose. Another thing worth mentioning, I'm been super into last.fm for the past six months or so. I'm at almost 20,000 plays, which doesn't include anything listened to before November or so. That's a lot of songs!

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