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:: 1.02.2010 ::

(listening to Bon Jovi: "You Give Love A Bad Name")

So, I had my first cup of regular coffee yesterday in over a year and a half. I was very excited, so I went back to the old neighborhood and had a small drip cup of Timor Organic from Cole coffee. As I watched the coffee drip drip drip into the cup I got even more excited, that is until some random hipster guy (this is the place we DID used to call the "cool kids cafe") walks up and says to the girl behind the counter "Can you actually brew it twice and pour it back through the grounds?" So she does.

The problem was, she did that with MY cup of coffee. When he realized what he'd done (hmmm...I had the SMALL Timor Organic, you had the LARGE Celebes or something or other, don't you think you could have noted that difference?) he sheepishly apologized and they had to make me a new cup.

The coffee was good, but not OH MY GOD HOW HAVE I BEEN MISSING THIS GOOD, and I actually really enjoyed the high buzz and jitters it gave me. Espresso is definitely much mellower, but I was pretty into the feeling this gave me. So, today I had a second cup. So far so good.

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