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:: 1.16.2010 ::

(listening to Spiritualized: Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space)

I think I can hit the mark
Probably just aiming
I think my name is on your lips
Probably complaining
I think I have caught it bad
Probably contagious
I think I'm a winner baby
Probably Las Vegas
Come on

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(listening to Spoon: Transference)

Spent the afternoon shopping with some dudes for new snowboard gear. It is weird for me to think that, here I am at 33 years old still wearing the same overall style snow pants that my dad handed down to me when I was like, 16. That shit is just ridiculous, so I bought me some BRAND NEW PANTS today. Also some new snowboarding boots so I don't have to deal with the rental shop anymore. And a snowboarding belt (did you know these existed? I did not, but I figured since the pants had belt loops...) to go with my new pants. Then I got some new socks too for the hell of it.

We are taking the sleepy/party bus up to Sugarbowl tomorrow, which should be Good Times except it leaves at 5AM, so I have to try and put myself to bed early tonight. Of course, it's already 7 and I have dinner and a cocktail party to attend to tonight, so good luck doing that.

Next Stop, TahBro.

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:: 1.14.2010 ::

(listening to: Hot Chip: One Life Stand)

Striking out on all the new music I got yesterday. Thee Silver Mt. Zion Ensemble Orchestra etc etc etc? DELETE. The Submarine's Honeysuckle Weeks? Nope, not for me.

Take three.

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:: 1.13.2010 ::

(listening to: Helvetia: Helvetia's Junk Shop)

Kronenbourg 1664 for dinner.

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:: 1.12.2010 ::

(listening to Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: "Kitty's Back (Live)">


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(listening to Mercury Rev: "Arise")

Ranking My Current Favorite Bruce Springsteen Albums (Because I Can)

1. Born in the USA
2. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
3. The Wild, the Innocent, & The E Street Shuffle
4. Born To Run
5. Nebraska
6. Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ
7. The River
8. The Rising
9. Tunnel Of Love
10. Lucky Town
11. The Ghost Of Tom Joad
12. Working On A Dream
13. Magic
14. Devils & Dust

When I first started getting Backstreets, the Springsteen fanzine, I was perplexed at how someone could like The Wild, The Innocent, & The E Street Shuffle so much. Now it's one of my favorites, and although I can admit that the cheesiness of "Sandy" or the weirdness of "Wild Billy's Circus Story" would make people question my taste, I think most of this album is sold and light-years different than anything else on this record. If you don't believe me, there's only one thing to do. And that's listen.

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:: 1.10.2010 ::

(listening to: Spoon: Transference)

I can measure good days since 1997 as the days I get to hear a new record from Spoon. They're one of those solid bands who always put out great music and who do it with a sense of regularity that makes you feel as if they'll always be around. I am enjoying Transference so far.

Having MRA's coworker and her husband over for dinner tonight, and our new mattress got delivered today, so the house is in clean working order and will soon smell of mac n' cheese, roasted kale, and Pinot Noir. See ya' later weekend. Monday is up next.

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