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:: 3.19.2010 ::

(listening to Kiss: Destroyer)

THIS IS PURE EAR TORTURE. I have never listened to a Kiss record before, and now I know why. They suck. They such hard. What a bunch of slop.

(11:50 AM) :: (link)

(listening to Eurythmics: Touch)

While driving to work this morning and listening to Big Star, I remembered that I had read that all 3 of their albums made the RS Top 500 Albums Of All Time.

So, I decided to start listening to all 500. Starting at #500, which is Touch by the Eurythmics.

This may have been a bad idea.

(9:43 AM) :: (link)

:: 3.17.2010 ::

(listening to: Drive-By Truckers: The Big To-Do)

//music video

A homemade video for The Hold Steady's "Ask Her For Adderall."

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