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:: 6.23.2010 ::

(listening to: !!!: Strange Weather, Isn't It?)

One of the main aspects of my current job, which I'm lucky is also an occupation that really makes me happy, excited, stressed, overwhelmed, and underwhelmed at the same time requires me to write emails in html. I learned html years ago, well, a decade ago, and most of what I stumbled across and copied finds itself on this blog. So, basically, half of what I do at work and what allows me to be successful comes from (!)BLACKYELLOWBLACK. I wonder what the best way to put something like that on your resume is? "I wrote, composed, and edited a blog nobody really reads for a long time therefore give me a job." The other part of my job requires me to keep, taste, collect, and document all my wine adventures, which also is basically like the rest of my life. Instead of baseball cards or records I now have bottles of wine. It all makes sense, doesn't it?

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